April 28, 2015 — 2 Comments

So, it’s been a long time. Feels like too long, but it was probably right. I’ve invested the last two years planting Redemption Church in Edmond, OK in the Oklahoma City area. Launching a new outpost for the gospel is all-consuming work, and I haven’t had time or space to write much beyond our weekly sermons. We love our church and love our city, and we are grateful for all that God is doing.

Things are starting to reach a new normal, or at least they need to do so soon. For me, that means finding time and focus to write. I’m looking forward to it. I hope you will too.

I will be posting here, as well as other sites, and I will try to post links here when something appears elsewhere.

Thanks for following and reading. May God give you strength and peace today as you run ahead in the grace of Jesus.


2 responses to BACK TO BLOGGING


    I am looking forward to reading what you write. I always enjoy your fresh and gospel-centered insights.

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